Providing Service Excellence

Service Excellence – An IPD Production

Service ExcellenceYou can use service excellence as a powerful way to set yourself apart from you competition.  It’s one of the strengths that a business has, and by emphasizing service excellence you can compete with other service providers who may offer more variety than you may offer or can afford to offer.  However, many businesses fall short in the customer service category, why?  Ignorance is one reason.  There is simply not a lot of excellent customer service on which to model your organization

To make sure that your service excellence is top notch, find out what the competition is doing and ensure that you exceed it.  Successful organizations are always looking ways to improve all aspects of their business.

Here are five maxims to help make sure you leverage your business status to provide service excellence.

1.      Apologize, don’t debate

communicationIf a customer has a problem, apologize and fix the problem.  Make sure to let the customer vent their grievances, even if you are tempted to interrupt and correct them.  Then offer a solution that will fix the problems.

Debating or haggling over situations will only create ill will.  Repair mistakes immediately.  Keep in mind that a complaint to your organization is an opportunity to turn the situation around and create a loyal customer.

2.      Feedback keeps you focused

Ask your customer to rate you service on a regular basis.  This can be done via questionnaire given to customers with their bills, keep it short so that it is not a burden to complete, make sure they know that they can decline to complete the questionnaire.  If they fill out the survey and have no problem, it is a reminder of what good service you are.  If issues arise, they should be addressed quickly.

3.      Stay flexible

You must be flexible when it comes to your customers.  Flexibility can also mean getting information for your customer even though it may not be your area of work.  Going the extra mile will ultimately pay off with a very satisfied person who will refer others to you.

4.      Always say “yes”

This does not mean giving up your personal will to your customer but it does mean finding a way to help customers with their request.  There are times a customer might make a call to central registry to see if you have a particular form.  You might have to stay back late to see that a customer gets the form he or she needs.

5.      Under promise, over deliver

conflictMake your customers feel and believe that they are important to you and the organization by always appearing to go the extra mile.

Many businesses make the mistake of reversing this maxim – over promise and under deliver.  This is a true recipe for disaster.  You may get the business, but the level of service will make it difficult to compete.


A final note from IPD

Simply know how to best deal with unhappy customers will put you in a great position and the strategies highlighted in this article can be applied to your “internal customer” too.