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October 1, 2015

Colleagues, I greet you well

The year 2015 is coming to a rapid close, today is the commencement of the last quarter, the last “hurrah” the glorious opportunity to finish your year strong, remember all those glorious projections we made nine months ago? Where are we now?

If you are behind target, now is the time to get the team fired up, if you are above target then let’s finish with a record year that will propel us into 2016.

It matters not if you are the CEO, MD, Business owner or line staff, we have a duty to our God, our self, our family, our country, our company and our fellowmen, to be the best we can be and to fulfill this duty we must be productive in whatever area of work we are in, we can only achieve if we work as a team “Team Belize”

I challenge you to work harder than anybody else, do more than you are paid for, do this with pride and dignity always be grateful for the opportunity to be a positive contributor to this business we call life.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment at year’s end when your company/organization has done exceedingly well and you can look back with pride knowing that you have played your part in the team.

I have attached 2 short articles, I hope you will find them useful. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

6 Benefits of teamwork in the workplace

7 ways to encourage teamwork in the workplace

Let’s GO for GOALS – let’s finish the year strong.



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Service Excellence

Would recommend all business and entrepreneur to take a course with IPD.   Mr. Lecky was exceptionally well on how he brought his topics, stories, and experiences.

This course was way different from the other customer service course I have taken in the past.

Great job!!!

Neuton Garcia Tax Auditor

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