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IPD, Institute of Professional Development

The Institute of Professional Development (IPD) provides timely professional development training  for organizations and governmental agencies in Belize. We have, over the years, provided training for the following:

  • Financial Industry (inclusive of banks, credit unions, and insurance companies)
  • Airline Industry
  • Poultry Industry
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Auto Industry
  • Agriculture
  • NGOs
  • Tourism Industry
  • Distribution
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retailer
  • Energy Industry
  • Government Agencies/Departments
  • Village Groups/committees
  • Law firms


IPD provides classroom hours in various locations across Belize.  We will be happy to conduct the training at your company’s facility or any other location you might chose.  We customize the training programs to suit the needs of your organization/industry and to achieve your desired outcomes.  


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Service Excellence Course

My expectation going was clueless. Today I can boast myself providing a top notch customer service optimizing the Best practices and advancing to the next level.

The course thought Me:

  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Creating lasting Impression
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Customer Service vs Customer Success
  • Creating a Customer Service Culture
  • Creating a positive attitude
  • Using Communication Channels and Skills Creating a Proactive Interaction timing

Michael Fisher Security Guard, Belize Tourism Board

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