12 ways to improve internal customer service

Improve internal customer serviceAt Red-Carpet Learning Systems, Inc. we are very excited about the possibilities and creating Red Carpet opportunities. We believe in creating an experience that turns internal customer service satisfied customers into DELIGHTED customers and Delighted customers into Raving Fans! Our team has been deep in discussions and very soon we’ll be unveiling our new training packages to help you do just that! 

Before you can have customers who are raving fans though, you must first have a team that is energized, empowered and aligned with your mission, vision and values. Our new Director of Training and Possibilities, Katie Locke, has written the article below on ways to improve your internal customer service to help you with just that. Why not take her tips into your next management meeting and discuss how you can start the year off by rolling out the red-carpet for your team? And if we can help, don’t hesitate to ask….You can view our services at



12 ways to improve your internal customer service this year.


If you have to focus on just one area this year in order to improve your business, focus on your internal customers. Your biggest assets are your employees. Truly engage them in your business and culture, and provide a company they are proud to work for and you will see business growth and a rise in productivity.

Did you start off the year with a whole list of New Year Resolutions?  Have you kept any of them?  Now is your chance to choose one of these areas to focus on each month over the next year and see your employee retention rise, and employee satisfaction increase, and your 2014 dreams become reality.  As your team members are more engaged and more productive you will see improvement in customer relationships and retention.  Internal customer service is essential to a happy and productive team. Focusing on your team will ensure everyone wins in 2014!

  1. Share Stories that illustrate the important work your team does. Illustrate how they make a difference in the lives of the customers they serve.
  2. Celebrate Results If you treasure it, measure it!  When you measure that which is important to your company, celebrate both the big and small gains. Let everyone know you value his or her hard work!
  3. Recognize birthdays A small recognition like a free lunch or a coffee with the boss on his or her birthday ensures your staff know that they matter to you, not just to your business.
  4. Create Fun Fridays Studies show that when we want to go to work every day we work harder and more productively. Engage your employees in creating Fun Friday’s to give everyone something to look forward to at the end of the week.
  5. Reward those who consistently do the right thing. Give surprise on the spot recognition.  For instance have a drawings for a small gift and enter everyone who is on time on a Monday or a Tuesday after a long weekend! Be sure to tie your recognition program into your expected customer behaviors. (You have those, right?)
  6. Coach, don’t micromanage.  Train your supervisors how to coach their team members to improve performance. Change your team’s approach to coaching and not micromanaging your team will empower them.
  7. Talk to your team members.   Find out…How do they think management is doing? Do they have ideas to help you improve? Are you rewarding those who work hard?
  8. Listen to your employees. Take action on their suggestions. Let everyone know who came up with an excellent idea to improve an area of your business. Make them feel proud!
  9. Respect your employees’ personal time.  If you need your team to work outside of normal business hours, let them know how much you appreciate them. Create a plan to “ make it up” to your team.
  10. Provide opportunities to volunteer. If your company has a charity they support, give your employees the opportunity to do meaningful work with the charity. Or for an organization individual’s feel strongly about, like their child’s school or a local charity. Share these stories at team meetings.
  11. Help Develop your Team. Everyone wants to feel like they are progressing in their career. Help team members see where they can grow and what they can obtain through their hard work.
  12. Promote Wellness. Being physically and mentally well ensures higher productivity and happier employees who have less time away from work due to illness.

And because we always give a little extra – #13: Make sure your team members have the tools, the training and the knowledge they need to effectively serve your customers and live up to your brand promise.

You can’t win the hearts of your customers if you don’t win the hearts of your own people. Make your New Year’s Resolution to develop a People First Philosophy that will foster engagement; higher levels of service; and ultimately, delighted customers.

The Value Of Internal Customer Service

By Adelehalsall, Published on November 10, 2014